If you have been told that you snore every night, this can be a significant irritation for you and your partner, and can put a strain your relationship. Because snoring can be caused an undiagnosed medical condition, we invite you to seek snoring treatment to determine the source of your habit.

If your airway collapses during the night and restricts proper air flow, it can cause the throat and soft palate to vibrate, producing the snoring sound. A habit of snoring is not just an irritation for other, but it can disrupt your sleep, too, and cause negative side effects. Some snoring side effects may be fatigue, difficulty learning or concentrating, irritability, poor memory, depression and and low sex drive. Poor sleep quality may also affect weight gain and cardiovascular disorders like high blood pressure.

While in many cases it’s possible to remedy snoring adjusting your posture for sleep, there are many other causes of snoring that need to be addressed, such as taking sedatives, alcohol consumption, allergies and having a jaw that is too small for your tongue. Even if snoring seems minor, it could be linked to sleep apnea, a medical disorder that brings additional harmful symptoms, and should be treated.

We invite you to discuss options for custom snoring treatment with our dentist, who may recommend sleep apnea treatment, addressing a TMJ disorder, or wearing a custom-made orthopedic oral appliance. We invite you to learn more about snoring in Burbank, California, by contacting Dr. Bostani’s Advanced Dental at 818-973-7100 today for a consultation with Dr. Payam Bostani.