If you’re looking for a solution to dark teeth stains caused by certain antibiotics, deep bleaching is the only technique available that works without the use of a dental prosthetic such as a veneer. At Dr. Bostani’s Advanced Dental, we are proud to offer our cosmetic dentistry patients deep bleaching in Burbank at our office.

Deep Bleaching: What is It and How Does it Work?

Deep bleaching is a proven teeth whitening procedure mostly obtained by patients who were treated with tetracycline in their childhoods. As you may have learned the hard way, the once frequently prescribed antibiotic can cause highly visible and essentially permanent gray or brown stains in the teeth of younger patients in particular. Until recently, the only way to satisfactorily hide tetracycline stains was to cover the affected teeth with veneers. Rather than just hiding a stain, however, deep bleaching directly addresses the problem.

Our approach to deep cleaning utilizes a teeth whitening gel that deeply penetrates the tooth enamel and changes its ability to absorb oxygen, breaking up the chemical bonds of deep stains. The treatment is usually painless, though some minor discomfort is possible. Importantly, over the long term, deep bleaching does not typically cause the tooth sensitivity which can be associated with some cosmetic treatments.

Can Deep Clearing Treat Other Types of Tooth Discoloration?

Yes. Deep bleaching is also useful in getting rid of stains from more typical sources. This can include stains or discoloration caused by smoking, specific foods and drinks like coffee, tea, red wine, whiskey, and dark-colored soda as well as certain fruits and vegetables, not to mention chewing tobacco and aging. However, deep bleaching is just one of a number of solutions that can help to achieve a more attractive, brighter smile. We will discuss all of the appropriate options with you and suggest which type of teeth whitening treatment we think is best in your case.

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