If your tooth enamel is breached, your teeth will be vulnerable to infection and pulp failure. Within the pulp lies the life source of a tooth, including its nerve endings and blood vessels. If the pulp is damaged, tooth failure is likely to occur. Use dental sealants to help further protect your teeth if your tooth enamel should fail. For more information, take the following dental sealants quiz:

What is a dental sealant?
a.) A dental sealant is a special treatment to protect a portion of a damaged tooth from further harm
b.) A dental sealant is an artificial tooth used to replace a missing tooth
c.) A type of dental cement that holds tooth in place
d.) A bonding gel for dentures

True or False: Dental sealants can make a child three times less likely to develop cavities.
a.) True
b.) False

True or False: Dental sealants can be designed to be clear and unnoticeable.
a.) True
b.) False

How long can dental sealants last before they should be replaced or repaired?
a.) Up to a decade
b.) 24 hours
c.) Typically 1 year
d.) Around 3-4 months

Answer Key: a, a, a, a

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