Did you know that there are a number of options you might consider doing if you’re interested in keeping your children’s teeth strong and healthy? For example, you probably understand that brushing and flossing are very important parts of protecting their teeth and gums. However, there are other steps you could take—such as considering the perks of dental sealants.

You see, dental sealants are placed over pearly whites to protect them from bad plaque and bacteria. Sealants tend to be applied to your molars because they could be harder to clean. Still, after your sealants are placed, you’ll be less likely to have cavities and decay. Furthermore, your sealants might actually last for more than a decade.

You see, sealants basically add a second layer of protection to your smile. Typically, sealants are applied when your kids are between six and twelve years old. However, some adults are good candidates for sealants, if their teeth are healthy. If your smile isn’t as healthy as it could be, we may be able to address your issues before we place sealants.

Lastly, please note that you’ll still need to floss and brush your teeth well and set up appointments with us on a regular basis. If you’d like to set up a checkup with our dentist, Dr. Payam Bostani, please feel free to give Dr. Bostani’s Advanced Dental in Burbank, California a call at 818-973-7100. We’re excited to meet with you.