Patients looking for a Burbank orthodontist to deal with crooked teeth or an improper bite should carefully consider their choice but we think you’ve come to the right location here at Dr. Bostani’s Advanced Dental. Dr. Payam Bostani boasts decades of experience correcting patients’ teeth so they can feel more confident in their smiles while enjoying an outstanding patient experience.

Orthodontic Treatments

At Dr. Bostani’s Advanced Dental, we offer two primary orthodontic treatments:

  • Traditional Braces – Metal wire-and-bracket braces have been the standard option for braces for decades and are very effective. Traditional braces are usually a very good option, especially for children who see them as a normal part of growing up and have no particular issue with wearing them.
  • Invisalign – A modern approach to correcting teeth alignment, Invisalign offers a much less visible approach. These clear aligners are hard to detect and, for increased convenience, can be removed before eating or drinking.


We also offer orthodontal retainers, which are typically worn after a patient wears braces to preserve their results. When patients remove their braces, their teeth may naturally shift over time. A retainer can halt this shift while only being worn while the patient sleeps.

Are There Dangers to Ignoring Misaligned Teeth?

Orthodontal treatment is necessary for reasons beyond improving one’s appearance. A misaligned bite can cause a multitude of problems over time because the teeth can’t properly dissipate pressure and impact forces. This can lead to chronic pain, an increased risk of broken teeth, and several other problems.

Need Orthodontal Treatment?

Patients can learn more about the treatments offered through Dr. Bostani’s Advanced Dental by calling the number on their screen or visiting the contact page.