Losing a large number of teeth is bad for more reasons than you might think. Apart from hampering the ability to obtain full nutrition and creating serious cosmetic issues, missing teeth are directly linked to bone loss.

Over time, weakened bone structure can play a role in serious dental and periodontal issues and even impact the appearance of the face. Dentists and health experts agree that implants are the best solution for missing teeth.

Why Zirconia dental bridges?

As WebMD has noted, numerous other benefits come with implants, including easier eating, improved oral health, durability, and convenience. However, the idea of having as many as 16 dental implants for a row of teeth is overwhelming for any number of reasons, and not every patient gets the best results with standard titanium or acrylic implants.

That’s why Dr. Payam Bostani often suggests an implant-supported full mouth zirconia bridge as a means of replacing an entire row of teeth with a single procedure.

Similar to all-on-four procedures which replace an entire row of teeth with four implants performed on the same day, zirconia teeth may be superior to the more frequently used titanium for a number of reasons, including:

  • Attractive, long-lasting
  • Teeth supported by zirconium are less likely to break or chip compared to acrylics.
  • Bridgework supported by zirconia lasts longer and needs fewer and needs repairs less frequently.
  • Ideal for patients who may have metal allergies that rule out titanium implants.
  • Reduced chances of adverse reactions, as observed by Dr. Bostani and indicated as in a 2016 study published in Biomed Research International.

Dental Implants with Dr. Bostani

All you need to do is look around you – at billboards, on TV, you name – and you can see dentists who advertise about providing implants. Your choice of a skilled and knowledgeable dentist can make an important difference.

With consistently outstanding reviews on both Yelp and Twitter, Dr. Payam Bostani’s work regularly delights patients who need major dental work performed. If you’re looking for an implant-supported full mouth zirconia bridge or another type of implant procedure, Dr. Bostani is here to help.

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