It’s easy to be tempted to break the rules during the holidays of what not to eat with braces. But a broken bracket or wire is not anyone’s idea of a good time during holiday celebrations. Here are some delicious, braces-friendly holiday desserts that should help you not miss that pecan pie quite as much.

Cake: Cake–as long as you avoid nut pieces, candied fruit (sorry, fruitcake lovers), and caramel–is totally fine with braces. A well-made cake can be a show-stopping centerpiece at your next holiday party. Try a vanilla bean chiffon cake with berry compote, or a ginger spice cake with white chocolate served with a hazelnut cream sauce. Be sure to clean your braces and teeth thoroughly after eating starchy food.

Meringues: Meringues are a great option! They are gluten free, and excellent for many specialized diets. Try large meringues stacked with whipped cream, or small meringues with frosting between them. Don’t make them on a humid or wet day, though, as they won’t set.

Soft Chocolate: Chocolate puddings, chocolate whipped cream, hot chocolate, soft chocolate truffles–chocolate seems to be everywhere during the holiday season. Luckily, of all the sweets you could eat, chocolate may be the best for your teeth–especially dark chocolate. It quickly melts away from teeth and does not harm your hardware. So savor every bite!

Remember, you must brush your teeth and braces very well whenever you eat sweets. Don’t snack on them throughout the day. Eat a treat (or three), and then be done for a while. Keep portion sizes small, and enjoy every bite!

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