Dental fillings repair cavities and restore smiles. If tooth decay has occurred to the point that your tooth enamel has a significant amount of dental erosion, a hole may have formed in a tooth, called a cavity. To prevent infection and tooth loss, the cavity must be filled in with a dental filling, typically either a dental amalgam or tooth-colored composite. Listed below are some of the amazing benefits and comparisons of the two main types of dental fillings:

– For larger cavities, dental amalgams are typically the better choice while for smaller and medium-sized cavities, composite fillings work best.

– Tooth-colored fillings are much more natural looking and can even be color matched to the color of your teeth, whereas dental amalgams leave a shiny metallic look.

– If you are in need of a new dental filling, the original one must first be removed if it is a dental amalgam. If it is a composite filling, the new one can simply be placed atop the original.

– Dental amalgams use mercury as a binding agent, whereas composite fillings are mercury-free.

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