Did you know that it’s possible to suffer from bruxism without even realizing that your smile is under attack? Bruxism is a dental condition also referred to as teeth grinding, and typically occurs while patients are unconscious. One of the most popular types of bruxism is sleep bruxism, which only happens while you are asleep. It can easily remain undiagnosed for many years.


If you suspect you may have a dental condition, we invite you to review the following symptoms of bruxism:

— Bruxism may be combined with a jaw disorder such as TMD.

— You frequently wake up with a morning headache or ear pain.

— Your teeth are starting to look dull, flat, chipped, or cracked but you have no explanation for the damage.

— You struggle with sensitive and sore teeth.

— You can feel indentations on your cheek tissue and tongue from injuries caused by tooth grinding.

— A sleep partner or roommate has told you that you loudly clench or grind your teeth when you sleep.

— When you wake up, your jaw feels sore or you have facial pain.

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