Some patients with damaged teeth assume that they have to replace those teeth entirely, but this is not always the case. In many instances, teeth can largely be salvaged by installing all-white dental crowns instead. Dental crowns are prosthetic caps placed on top of damaged teeth or roots that can restore a near-natural level of function. These can also be the final step in a number of operations like root canals or during the installation of dental implants, but they are often used in cosmetic procedures as well. There are several different options for dental crown materials, each with their own set of pros and cons; however, many patients opt for zirconia or all-porcelain crowns as they do not contain metal and they preserve the all-white, natural look of the patient’s original teeth.

Patients who prefer a non-metal type of white dental crown are increasingly interested in zirconia crowns as well as porcelain. For many, these may have some distinct advantages over metal crowns. The above-mentioned natural look is a good start, but these types of crowns can also be great for individuals who are allergic to metals, like titanium. Zirconia, a ceramic when used for dental purposes, has become a popular choice in recent years due to its resistance to breaking or chipping in addition to providing the natural function of the original tooth.

Those in need of dental crowns can discuss all of their options with Dr. Bostani and his staff of dental professionals, who are here to help their patients make the best-informed decision.


Dental Crowns in Dr. Bostani’s Advanced Dental Office

Dr. Bostani is a Southern California native and takes pride in providing excellent to the community. Dr. Bostani knows that many people are anxious and uncomfortable with the idea of having any kind of dental work done, including dental crowns. Everything in the office is designed with that in mind, from the comfortable and calming waiting rooms to our friendly and cheerful staff. Dr. Bostani is often complimented on his kind and gentle manner, and endeavors to make every patient as comfortable as possible.

Dr. Bostani has many years of experience as one of the well-regarded dentists in the San Fernando Valley. If you are concerned that your teeth are damaged, seeking a dentist such as Dr. Bostani should be a priority—as little problems like chipped or damaged teeth have the potential to evolve into bigger problems. Even if your teeth seem to be in good shape, regular preventive care is essential.

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