Dr. Payam Bostani is a dentist in Burbank who is able to provide a full range of oral health care services. Dr. Bostani’s Advanced Dental is known throughout the East San Fernando Valley and on both sides of the Hollywood Hills as a one-stop-shop for the smiles of patients of all ages.

Services include:

  • Cosmetic dentistry – Improving the aesthetics of a patient’s teeth with procedures such as teeth whitening and installing veneers or crowns; we also offer deep bleaching for teeth stained by certain antibiotics.
  • Preventive dentistry – Ensuring that small problems never become major ones…or never happen in the first place!
  • Restorative dentistry – When teeth become compromised, treatments ranging from fillings to root canals to implants can correct issues before they progress further and become severe.
  • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery – A more complex field of dentistry for the treatment of chronic and severe oral pain.
  • Periodontics – A crucial area involving diseases and other issues of the gums.
  • Orthodontics – Aiming to correct misaligned teeth, primarily through the use of devices such as braces, though Invisalign-style braces are an increasingly popular option.

Patients looking for Burbank dental care will find that our office is capable of treating a wide range of dental concerns while also providing the general preventive dentistry services everyone needs. Our dental center has cultivated a stellar reputation among our loyal patients and in the East SFV community at large. Dr. Bostani has personally helped countless patients find a better, brighter smile and he can help you and your family.

For more information on all of the services, Dr. Bostani’s Advanced Dental offers, simply visit our contact page or call the number on your screen. Our office is open Monday through Friday and one Saturday per month.